Deliver the Web3 Dream of

Privacy-first DID and verifiable computation infrastructure.


The overall tech stack of zCloak Network.

Proof Layer

User generated proof instead of raw data presentation.

Flexible proof method, from selective disclosure to ZKP.

Effortless integration with existing Dapps and protocols.

Computation Layer

A new paradigm of computation—ZKP in user device.

Social relation and compliance policy as ZK-program, without coding.

No-Code ZK-Program Generator
Storage layer

Make private data secure.

Make public data authentic and permanent.

zkID Wallet
Arweave Permaweb
Self-Authenticating Data
Identity Layer

zkID—a W3C DID and verifiable credential implementation for multi-chain.

Real-world legal status and reputation mirrored in DeSoc.

W3C Verifiable Credential
End-to-End Encrypted Messaging

Get your first

Credential platform

The platform for making and attesting credentials. Get your verifiable credential here or issue one if you are a company, authority or a DAO.

As a claimer

Create your DID claim.
Get a credential attested by authorities.
Share your verifiable credential with anyone.

As an attester

Create and publish a credential type
Approve, reject or revoke a user credential

Store your DIDs and credentials safely. Always.

zkID Wallet

A Crypto DID Wallet

zklD Wallet generates passwords, DID keys and stores credentials on your device, so only you have access to your DID accounts and personal data.

You can always choose what to share, and how to share.

Know your users.Elegantly

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